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In the In-between

I do not like uncertainty. It’s uncomfortable. I want to be sure that something is, or that it isn’t. It makes me feel squared away, solid, definite. There are unknowns in fluidity, unmet expectations, unsure footing. All of the unknown between point A and point B is anything but sure. The saying goes that getting there is half the fun, the journey is the best part. But honestly? Sometimes the journey seems impossible, treacherous, and never ending. Oh, and there are soooooo many in-betweens. So many journeys running parallel, so many intersecting, and so many ending and beginning infinitely. Some short, some long; Some easier than others and some more challenging than we could ever have imagined.

As a self-proclaimed lover of all things comfy, I’ve been trying to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and appreciative of the ever present in-betweens. They’ll be lessons and some self-discovery and most of all joy. There will be moments to savor and time to freeze; memories to make and burdens to bear. The in-between is undefined and unknown but there is still life to be lived there.

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